Red Bean Pearl Bracelet and Cake Pull (Copy)


Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with a Sterling Silver Red Bean Charm Dangling. This Bracelet is a Staple for Southern Tradition. The Bride Selects a few Attendees to Pull the Cake Pull out of a Wedding Cake. Each Cake Pull has a Special Meaning and is kept as a Memento.



Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with a Sterling Silver Red Bean Charm Dangling. This Bracelet is a Staple for Southern Tradition it is pulled out of a Wedding Cake as a Cake Pull. Most people Love the idea of Pulling it from the Wedding Cake and Keeping it as a memento of the Wedding. The Bride picks a select few people from the attendees to pull these Keepsakes. Right before cutting the Wedding Cake the attendees stand around the Bride and Groom in a circular area around the Cake and Pull these Cake Pulls from the Cake. Each Bracelet Charm resembles a Special  Saying. The Following are the Meaning of each pull:

Next To Be Married: Wedding Ring

New Orleans Charms: Pelican, Crab, Mask, Bourbon St. Man, St. Car, Fleur de Lis, Tiger Paw,  Red Bean Music Note, Crawfish, Alligator, Louisiana Boot,  Crown, Steamboat, St. Louis Cathederal (5.00 extra)

Live Life With Ambition and Fly High: Pelican

Life Filled with Celebrations: Bourbon St. Man

Living, "Where They All Ask For You":Alligator

People See You Like You Are, "Boiling Hot": Crawfish

Your Life Will Be Filled With Traditions: Crab

Your Life will be filled with Faith and Strength: Cross, Fleur de Lis

Live Life to the Beat Of Your Own Drum: Music Note

Some Say Your The Life of the Party: Mardi Gras Mask, Bourbon St. man

Live Life Like Your are Lucky, Great Friends and Good Times: Red Bean

You Are "Geauxing" Places: Tiger Paw

External Beauty: Rose

You will Be Queen of the Ball: Tiara/Crown

Living Life of High Society: High Heel Shoe

Your Life Will Be Filled With Love: Heart

Good New is Coming Your Way: Envelope with Hearts

A Life Filled with Stability and Hope: Anchor, Angel

Next to Have a Baby: Baby Shoe

Living a Fairy Tale Life: Princess Carriage, High Heel Shoe

Good Luck is Coming Your Way: Four Leaf Clover

Your Life Will Be Filled with Travel and Leisure: Airplane, Eiffel Tower, Louisiana Boot, Steamboat

Sorry You Will Be An Old Maid: Thimble

You Will Be A Crabby Old Maid: Crab

A Life of Timeless Beauty: Sea Shell, Rose


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6 1/2", 7", 8"