Wedding Ring Pearl Bracelet and Cake Pull


Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with a Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Charm Dangling. This Bracelet is a Staple for Southern Tradition. The Bride Selects a few Attendees to Pull the Cake Pull out of a Wedding Cake. Each Cake Pull has a Special Meaning and is kept as a Memento.



Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with a Sterling Silver Wedding Ring Charm Dangling. This Bracelet is Versatile and worn everyday or pulled out of a Wedding Cake as a Cake Pull. Most people Love the idea of Pulling from the Wedding Cake and Keeping this as a memento of the Wedding. The Bride picks a select few people from the attendees to pull these Keepsakes. Right before cutting the Wedding Cake the attendees stand around the Bride and Groom in a circular area around the Cake and Pull these Cake Pulls from the Cake. Each Bracelet Charm resembles a Certain Saying.  The following are the meanings of the Charms:


Next To Be Married: Wedding Ring

New Orleans Charms: Pelican, Crab, Mask, Bourbon St. Man, St. Car, Fleur de Lis, Tiger Paw,  Red Bean Music Note, Crawfish, Alligator, Louisiana Boot, St. Louis Cathederal (5.00 extra)

Live Life With Ambition and Fly High: Pelican

Life Filled with Celebrations: Bourbon St. Man

Living, "Where They All Ask For You":Alligator

People See You Like You Are, "Boiling Hot": Crawfish

Your Life Will Be Filled With Traditions: Crab

Your Life will be filled with Faith and Strength: Cross, Fleur de Lis

Live Life to the Beat Of Your Own Drum: Music Note

Some Say Your The Life of the Party: Mardi Gras Mask, Bourbon St. man

Live Life Like Your are Lucky, Great Friends and Good Times: Red Bean

You Are "Geauxing" Places: Tiger Paw

External Beauty: Rose

You will Be Queen of the Ball: Tiara/Crown

Living Life of High Society: High Heel Shoe

A Life Filled with Stability and Hope: Anchor, Angel

Next to Have a Baby: Baby Shoe

Living a Fairy Tale Life: Princess Carriage, High Heel Shoe

Good Luck is Coming Your Way: Four Leaf Clover

Your Life Will Be Filled with Travel and Leisure: Airplane, Eiffel Tower, Louisiana Boot

Sorry You Will Be An Old Maid: Thimble

You Will Be A Crabby Old Maid: Crab

A Life of Timeless Beauty: Sea Shell, Rose






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6 1/2", 7", 8"